The Seth Bonder Camp in Computational and Data Science for Engineering



Data science is the idea of using computation to transform data into information, knowledge, insights, and decisions. Data scientists are changing the world every day, and we want to help develop the next generation.
—Pascal Van Hentenryck

The Seth Bonder Camp in Computational and Data Science for Engineering is designed to give high school students a better understanding of the careers and opportunities available in industrial engineering and operations research. It is offered in an online format and an on-campus summer camp at the No. 1-ranked H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Participants will learn Snap!, a visual programming language that teaches the key concepts involved in computational thinking and data science. These concepts are then applied to various real-world applications to reinforce the information learned. Students will develop their own Snap! programs, guess the mood of people from their tweets, solve Sudoku effortlessly, and understand how data science is changing social science, medicine, biology, and engineering.

The camp includes both lectures and hands-on activities and is led by Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck and a group of Georgia Tech graduate and undergraduate students in computer science and industrial engineering. They all share a passion for teaching, technology, and the applications of technology for societal benefits.

Participants should have little to no background in data science or computer programing the only requirement is that they are able to use a browser and have the desire to learn computational and data science through meaningful and exciting applications in machine learning, optimization, computational social science, and genomics.



The Seth Bonder Camp was created by Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck and Merrill Bonder, president of the Seth Bonder Foundation, to increase awareness of the fields of data science and operations research among high school students. The camp is partly supported by a generous gift from the Seth Bonder Foundation.

Pascal Van Hentenryck

Pascal Van Hentenryck is the Associate Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and an A. Russell Chandler III Chair and Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. He has taught undergraduate and graduate classes in computer science, operations research, and computational biology at Brown University, National Interactive College of Technology Australia, University of Michigan, and Georgia Tech. In addition, he leads the Seth Bonder Camp in Computational and Data Science for high school students each summer.

Van Hentenryck's research focuses in artificial intelligence, data science, and operations research. His current focus is to develop methodologies, algorithms, and systems for addressing challenging problems in mobility, energy systems, resilience, and privacy. He is also leading the Socially Aware Mobility project to foster an equitable and accessible transit system in Atlanta.

Seth Bonder

Seth Bonder (1932-2011) was the founder and CEO of Vector Research, an operations research consulting firm. He served as faculty, and then adjunct faculty, in the industrial engineering department at the University of Michigan and as the 27th president of the Operations Research Society of America. Seth won numerous awards throughout his career and was an elected member of the National Academy of Engineering. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from Ohio State University.

Merrill Bonder

Merrill Bonder is president of the Seth Bonder Foundation, which was created in memory of the late Seth Bonder. In addition to being a leader in his field, Seth Bonder was passionate about developing the next generation of data scientists and operations researchers. The foundation funds numerous scholarships and programs to support students in these fields.